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Preparations for book and postcards

Soon the gallery offers visitors the opportunity to buy ‘budget friendly’ postcards with landscapes of the surrounding area. At the moment a selection is made for 10 postcards each with a limited edition of 50. 68 pliaj vortoj

2017 Tokyo Art Book Fair Interview Series of Art Byte Critique Artists: Nick West

Our fourth interview in our Tokyo Art Book Fair 2017 with Art Byte Critique artists is Nick West.

Name: Nick West
From: Brighton, UK.
Time in Japan: 383 pliaj vortoj


John Avon playmats on Kickstarter

John Avon’s full frame lands from Unhinged are some of the most sought-after cards in Magic, at least when it comes to basic lands.

The artists has now set up a short… 74 pliaj vortoj


Sometimes I wonder :)

why I spend so much time working on my website that no one ever visits . Well I suppose it keeps me busy between works and they say that “God loves a trier!” :)

Best wishes



Light From Within

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” 

— Rumi

Anthony Satori

Get ready for some passionate mangas!

Today’s Sunday, the sun is high up in the sky/the rain is pouring down heavily/the wind is blowing your shutters away (choose the appropriate weather phrase), and you’re feeling like you want to read something new? 1.826 pliaj vortoj

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