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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 7: My Deeply Meaningful Tattoos

“Won’t you regret that when you’re an old woman?”

“Hells no!”

I love tattoos. Love ‘em! I can’t fathom why people ask if I’ll ever regret them. 526 pliaj vortoj


Off and running at MUJC school

Last Thursday was our first day getting our hands dirty.  Our design is becoming large foam forms to paper mache.  I’m putting the forms together at home and bringing them in for the students to paper mache.  252 pliaj vortoj

Teaching Artist

Winter is coming

The winter arrives when all the leaves have already fallen leaving bare the trees. The snow starts falling covering our tracks until all our traces disappeared. 389 pliaj vortoj


Color Bricks

This week my little ones used Puncinello aka Honeycomb ribbon, to begin creating texture for their “bricks”.

This is what happens when you stumble into the huge roles of metallic ribbon on the floor of your classroom closet! 166 pliaj vortoj