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CARS Tour to host two LLM races in 2018

With the huge Mountain Dew “Do The Dew” 150, on March 10th, already set to kick off the 2018 CARS Late Model Stock Tour season, the kickoff event got even bigger with the addition of a major Limited Late Model (LLM) race as the supporting class. 420 pliaj vortoj


Social activist comes to campus

By Sasha Dudock

Staff Writer 

On Jan. 17, Campus welcomed the daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, guest speaker Nontombi Naomi Tutu, in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. 575 pliaj vortoj

Jan 22, 2018

Coco and Latinx Representation

by Courtney Ravelo

If you take a look at the list of films Pixar has released since its inception in 1995, the results are resoundingly white; as in  they are animated movies starring  and created by white people. 753 pliaj vortoj


Apple reportedly may release a 6.1-inch iPhone without 3D Touch


It’s officially 2018, which means the time has come to stop looking back at last year’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 models, and to start looking forward as the rumor mill starts to spin up for the next iPhones. 320 pliaj vortoj


Rampart Lesson: Beware of Weak Character in Leadership

Good Morning, Laurie. Hope you’re having a great week. I wanted to talk to you about the out of control management staff of your Investigations division. 1.278 pliaj vortoj

Local Politics

d20 in Watford brings board games and food together

When someone says that he is a game player, automatically people relate that to video games, is instantaneous.

X-box, PlayStation or even mobile phones always had a massive place in the gaming world. 879 pliaj vortoj

The UK

An etymological slice of "pie"

It’s National Pie Day, according to the internet powers that be. Well, we have to treat ourselves to just a little etymological slice of pie, don’t we? 333 pliaj vortoj